> Reblochon Fermier

We make our farmhouse Reblochon Fermier twice a day. Immediately after milking, the full-cream untreated milk is poured into a vat and gently heated to induce curdling. Then we spend a good twenty minutes "cutting" the curds before moulding and pressing by hand in moulds covered with muslin cheesecloth.

The cheeses are turned once and a green casein label is placed on the top to identify it as a farmhouse-made Reblochon Fermier. A stainless steel weight is placed on the cheese to allow all the whey to drain off. At the following milking, the Reblochons are removed from their moulds and salted.

They are then left to dry on racks made of epicea wood for between five to six days, turned once a day, then rinsed and stored in a cellar for a fortnight before being brought to market.